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My 2007 Nissan Versa was bought to replace my old daily driver which had seen better days. For the first year, the Versa was left stock other than factory installed window visors and tinted windows. Dissapointed with the handing characteristics of the car, Tanabe lowering springs were installed alongside a DC Sports strut bar. Handling has since increased but the biggest improvement came when the wheel and tire package was upgraded from the 15x5.5 wheels to the 17x7 lightweight wheels and sport summer tires on the car now.

They styling of the Nissan Versa leaves more to the imagination, given that in stock form, it looks more like a mini van than a sub compact. The lowered stance and black wheels contast well with the metallic grey paint. The tinted windows gives it a stealth look and also keeps the cabin cool during the summer days.

As for performance upgrades, the stock airbox was swapped for a Stillen cold air inake kit. Alongside increased performance, the cold air intake provided a mean growl for unsuspecting bystanders when higher RPMs were reached.

Future upgrades will include an OEM foglight kit to improve night time visibility and a Stillen axel back exhaust for improved performance. Possibly, an SL Sport Package bodykit can replace the unpainted trim on the front bumper and side skirts.

  • Tanabe Springs
  • Intake by Stillen
  • DC Sports Strut Brace
  • Motegi SP10 Matte Black    17x7 wheels
  • OEM Spoiler
  • Tinted Windows


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