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Nissan Versa General FAQ

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My Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is on.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System checks the air pressure in all of your tires, and will notify you if a tire drops below about 28 psi. However, we have noticed there is a high occurrence of faults in this system on the Nissan Versa.

Just because the light is on does not necessarily mean your system is faulty. If the light comes on steady, more than likely you have low air pressure in one of your tires. Find some place to get air for your tires, fill them all to 40 psi, then reduce pressure to 32 psi. This should shut off the TPMS if there is no fault condition.

If your TPMS flashes for one minute then goes steady, or if the light does not turn off when proper air pressure is restored to the tires, then you have a TPMS system fault. Take your vehicle to your Nissan dealer for service.

Revision 1.1: Nissan has issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) on Versa's built prior to July 17th, 2006. The TSB states that incorrect or faulty Body Control Modules were installed in some vehicles built before this date. So far, vehicles that have had the Body Control Module replaced have not had the problem re-occur. Also, in some cases, failure of the wheel sensors has been found to cause this fault, and replacement of the sensors can fix the problem. Multiple sensor failures usually indicate a failed Body Control Module.

While it will not hurt the car to drive with a failed TPMS system, please remember that the system will not be able to inform you of pressure problems in your tires, and you will need to manually monitor them

The clutch on my brand new Versa seems to be slipping.

There has been a problem found in some Versa SL’s with manual transmissions, relating to the cruise control system. Take your Versa in to your Nissan dealer and have them adjust or replace the ASCD switch in the cruise control system. It has been found that on hot days, this switch MAY move, and cause the hydraulic clutch to disengage prematurely. So far, all vehicles with this fix applied have remained trouble-free.

Revision 1.1: This problem is not dangerous unless it occurs in a remote area or on a heavily trafficked road. This problem will severely compromise your vehicle’s ability to move, and your car may end up disabled or possibly with a burned out clutch if you ignore it.

There is an awful lot of wind noise on my Versa.

On a few Versa's that we have seen, there have been some dented door panels put on cars at the Aguascalientes plant. This dent is small, and it is centered on the hole in the door on which the side mirror is mounted. We do not believe either the dent or the use of dented doors is intentional, and this complaint has not been found recently so we also believe that Nissan has corrected the problem. In any case, this dent causes a slight gap between the mounting of the mirror and the door surface, and the noise you hear is wind rushing into this gap. Take the vehicle to your Nissan dealer, it should be corrected under warranty.

This problem is not dangerous, simply annoying.

My passenger airbag cover is popped up slightly, and won’t go down.

There have been a few Versa's with this problem reported. It is one of the more serious defects, so you should immediately take your Versa to the dealer for service. They may be able to take out the air bag assembly and put it back in, but they may need to order a whole new air bag assembly.

Though we have not tested it yet, we do not believe that the airbag will deploy properly if the cover is loose, so it is imperative you take your car in for service!

Revision 1.1: According some Nissan dealers, this problem will not affect ability of the airbag to deploy. However, we would take this with a grain of salt: The airbag and the cover are one integrated part, without an affected vehicle being involved in a collision that warrants deployment of this air bag, and most people would agree that they would not want to personally test that theory. Our advice: take your Versa in to the dealer ASAP for service.

My airbag light seems to be turning on and off inconsistently.

There have been a couple reported incidents of this. Any failure regarding an air bag system is a serious safety defect. We have found that this problem could potentially be from a faulty seat belt tensioner.

Revision 1.1: Also, some people have changed out their stereo head unit and reported a malfunction being reported by the light. This happens if the air bag light is disconnected during stereo installation. If you are installing your own stereo, pop the whole light assembly out of the dash but DO NOT disconnect the light itself. Having the system reset by a Nissan dealer after making this mistake will cost you in the neighborhood of $100.

Factory service manual.

Online viewable copy.

Downloadable copy.

Remember, you need the latest Adobe PDF viewer. Available here.

My window goes down automatically, but not up automatically.

This is a very common problem with a very simple fix. This is caused by disconnecting the battery so if after you install a new head unit and your window wont roll up automatically there isn't a problem.
To fix roll your window down all the way, then hole the up button letting the window reach the top, but don't let go continue holding for 10 more seconds. Roll the window down and test if it rolls up automatically, if not try again.

Wheel and tire size information.

Fora huge selection of wheels and tires please visit Tire Rack.

My gas gauge seems to be off.

The gas gauge can move at any time for just about any reason. You can't accurately determine fuel economy off of the gas gauge.

As a ROUGH estimate, if you are getting 100 miles per 1/4 tank tick, you are getting approximately 30 mpg (+/- about 5-10%)


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