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What he had to say.


"Even before I had purchased my Versa I was already a member of this great site and more than friendly members. To all of you, I thank you very much. A new milestone has been reached and I owe it all to those who voted for me.

  For a while now I have been on my personal mission of creating a nice ride while not compromising any of the Nissan formula, but instead adding to it. 

  Many "firsts' have happened to this car. The tailights have gotten smoked, side skirts painted, black manifold cover turned red, and a glossy black now shines from the dash. While they were wonderful experiences, most of what I have done to this car could not have been without the aid of the forum members, but also to my best friend, Andy Nguyen, who always kept me on a competitive edge against him and gave great advice.

  My car's main theme is not quite releative to the VIP, Euro, or Sleeper concepts. I feel it's a multiplicity of these plus tangential ideas that have formed together to come up with my Versa's style. There isn't too much high class, exoticness, or discreetness applied here, just what I like and how I believe it to fit together.

  For those wishing to expand their rides coolness, just do what you believe is cool and whatever you think looks good on your car!!!! That's just what I have been doing to my car!!!! IT'S EASY!

"To one his own ride, and to others what they may think..."

                                                -Juan Diego Reyes
Razo Door Guards
Vortex Generators
Mugen-S. Window Visors
MB Motoring Drift wheels on Hankook Ventus K104 Sport tires
AEM Cold Air Intake
DC Sports Front Strut Bar
Spectre Loom Tubes
Hyper Yellow Fog Lights
Mobile H.I.D.'s 9-10 degrees Kelvin
Tanabe Medallion Touring G axle back exhaust
Tanabe NFS210 Lowering Springs

Sparco Racing red Shift Knob
Sparco Carbon racing pedals
Scangauge II
"Powered by Nissan" seatbelt pads
Chirper radar detector
red air freshener
Monokuro Boo plushy with painted red eyes and nose
The Soshinoya Wakaba

Smoked tailights and third brake light (soon to get overlays)
Painted black inside door handle enclosures
Painted glossy black passenger/driver side air vent pieces
Painted glossy black center console/dash
Sony Xploder stereo
Painted red calipers/drums
Painted red manifold cover
Painted red horns
Painted glossy black side skirts
Painted glossy black fog light enclosures
Painted glossy black grill

De-badged/rearranged rear


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