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Some background on the car
My 2007 Versa SL was ultimately saved from the wrecking yard because of a Stillen Lower Valance I found on Craigslist in March 09. I then Googled Stillen Versa and it had me mesmerized at the first glance of the Stillen Version of the Versa, a month later I found a Versa that was perfect for the transformation which began in April from a front end collision wreck to what you see today with only a few short months to work with over the summer months.

The modifications
As fast as I could open up my wallet parts where beginning to stock pile in the garage waiting to be installed onto the car. I first had to get rid of the small stock wheels that made handling feel like a short version of a van, I replaced them with 17x7 ICW 5 spoke rims with Nankang NS-1 215/45/17 Summer Tires the result was outstanding and the cars stance changed drastically.

From there on I tinted the windows for privacy and cooler internal temps; I installed the Thule Roof Rack and Window Visors for my journey across Canada (from Ontario to Vancouver) during the summer. But to make it more enjoyable on the open road I threw on the Stillen Front Lip, installed fog lights, Painted the Grill black, Rear Spoiler and upgraded the radio with a Pioneer F90BT in dash Navigation unit blasting through a complete set of JL Audio speakers, 2x Amplifiers and 10" Sub for some block rocking beats.

What does the future hold?
Over the winter months I am going to continue the torrid pace and I plan on changing a few more things in time for next spring which by then I hope will be a fully decked out Versa. First on the list will be getting Rear Valance by Stillen to finish the Stillen Look, a new set of Konig Runaway 17x7 rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot Exalto 205/50/17 Tires to release some HP I lost with the much heavier set I am running right now, Blacked out Projector Headlights with 4300K HID, Strut Bar for some improved on and off ramp excitement and for some extra Horsepower with a Stillen Intake and Catback exhaust.

  • Blacked Out Grill
  • Walmart OEM look alike Fog Lights
  • 4300K HID Headlights
  • Tinted Windows with front "eye brow"
  • Stillen Front Lip
  • Thule Roof rack
  • Nissan Rain Guards
  • 17" ICW Rims with 215/45/17 Nankang Tires
  • Rear Nissan Spoiler
  • Pioneer Avic-F90BT Navigation/Bluetooth/DVD Head Unit
  • 6.5 JL VR650-CXi Coaxials
  • JL 10W0v2-4 Subwoofer
  • TMA 250.1 Mono block Amp made by JL
  • Scosche Wiring Kit
  • JL audio 300/4 Channel Amp

  • I would like to Thank everyone that Voted for me and my ROTQ competitors on the forums, Craigslist for pointing me in the direction of Williamk10 and his Stillen Front Valance, Stillen for making truly amazing products for our Versa's and last but not least my Father who found the pile of scrap I call my Nissan Versa today.

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