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Ride of the Quarter - blindsnyper

What he had to say.

" First off Thanks to everyone who voted for me, this is one of the best Forums I have ever been associated with, lots of great people and idea's here. I got my Alert Red Versa SL w/CVT and everything execpt Anti-lock brakes(still not sure why they aren't standard) in April of 2007 due to the Rising cost of gas and a 176 mile a day commute. I checked out all of the V's competitors and and found the V to be the best bang for the buck and I am one for cars that are a bit different from everything else out there. It didn't really take long for the mod bug to hit ( my cars don't stay stock very long ;) ). I have installed a Fujita CAI, Tanabe Drop Springs, Factory Rear Spoiler, aftermarket pedals under dash L.E.D.'s, rear brake light L.E.D.'s, after market Sirius receiver and painted the engine cover, stock wheels, brake calipers and various other interior parts. The only thing I didn't do or install myself was the window tint which is 15% rear 20% front and a 5% windsheild strip. This is a very easy platform to work on and customize to make it your own with a little money and a some imagination."

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