Nissan Versa

Ride of the Quarter - blindsnyper

First off thanks to everybody that voted for me, and my dad (the co-signer) for allowing me to mad my V. This is a great honor and i will remember it forever. The V is a good platform to start with because the lack of aftermarket backing forces people to make there car unique, but on the other hand limits EVERYBODY. When I first started the "build" i didn't know what my theme was, but for some reason I thought a red and black stripe would work. From there my theme was red accenting, but not enough to make it gaudy. My future plans include: an OEM spoiler, ebay grill, under chasis brace, painted eyelids, Tanabe coilovers, Stillen cross drilled (and sloted?) rotors, Nismo and NICO windshield banners, high-flow cat and finish the exhaust from the exhaust manifold to the cat. Again thank you, its a real honor.
Current mods include:
~Seibon carbon fiber hood
~Tanabe lowering springs
~17x7 Enkei rsv with red lug nuts
~custom red and black stripes
~custom 2.25" cat-back exhaust with Magnaflow muffler and 3.5 inch tip (not chrome!)
~ebay strut bar and window visors
~painted grill and manifold cover
~cut out driver side fog light housing (help cai with ram air effect?)
~color matched rear bumper and sides