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I would like to thank all of you who voted for me. The purpose of winning isn't to gain popularity, but to show what kind of a style Versa owners are capable of doing with their ride and give out an idea.

Here's a brief description of my car. . . I wasn't intentionally going to modify my car but as I came across NICO on the internet in May 2008 and did my research, it changed the way I look at a car. It's not what you can do to it, but what kind of a personality you give it. I wanted something that looked good, was economically responsible with fuel costs and has plenty of room. What won me over for purchase is the enormous legroom for passengers in the back seats. Not only that, but the hatchback fits the bill. I was going for a 'tuner' appearance, yet have the function available for daily driving.

2008 Nissan Versa SL w/ Convienience Package and CVT

- K&N drop-in filter
- Tanabe Lowering Springs
- Tanabe Strut bar
- Ultra Racing rear sway bar
- 17" Drag DR-17 wheels
- Goodyear Eagle GT tires 215/45/17
- JDM window visors
- Painted drums and calipers w/ decals
- Broadway mirror (300mm)
- Altima cargo net mod
- All Season Mats
- OEM foglights w/ Lamin-X filter
- OEM footwell lighting
- OEM 2010 grill
- Silvania Silverstar Lights
- iJDMtoy license plate LEDs
- 30% tint


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