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A little about the car...

The car is a 2008 Nissan Versa S, 1.8 6 speed.

When I purchased this car, my main intention, was to buy something I wasn't going to modify. I wanted something affordable, reliable, and that made economic sense. I've been a Nissan fan since I was about 14 years old... so the Versa is what came to mind. I went and test drove one, was impressed by the quality for the money... and bought the model I test drove. I avoided doing any modifications. But the bug has finally hit me.

I'd really like to thank everyone in my family. They've endured my automotive babbling since, well... forever. Even more so... I have to thank my wonderful girlfriend... for waiting on me when I'm running late because of finishing something up, or when I'm stopping to take pictures. Keep in mind my hobby is drifting, so it's not just one project... it's two now. Still, She never complains, and is always super supportive. I couldn't ask for more. And last, but definitely not least. Thank you to and all its members. You guys really flattered me by choosing my Versa as ride of the quarter.

  • Weds Sport Kranze ERM wheels
  • Tanabe lowering springs
  • 2010 model grille
  • 6000k HIDs. high and low beams.
  • 35% tint
  • K&N drop in filter
  • self made interior lighting


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